My Sexy Savita From India Indoscandal – 3 Min

My is name is tarun bhatia. when i was about 6 my mum and dad seperated leaving just me and mum living in the house. after dad left mum would bring a different man home every night and they would pay her for sex, this is how she made money. when the guy left a few hours later mum would come into my room and carry me into her bed and we would both fall asleep. as i got older i would lie in my bed and wait until mums man friend had left and i would then go to mums room and go to sleep. mum was quite open minded and would often walk around the house naked so i would do the same so it was nothing for both of us to lay in bed together naked. it was only when i got older about 12-13 that i found myself starting to look at my mum sexually.

i would sit on the couch pretending to watch tv but really i was perving on her, this would get my cock hard so i would have to go to the toilet and have a wank. sometimes i would see mum looking at my cock and she would say how big i was getting even bigger than my dad. when i was 15 i was laying in bed waiting for her male friend to leave. when i heard the front door close and his car drive away i got up and went to mums room, she was in the bathroom so i got in her bed and waited for her to come out. while i was in my room i could hear her being fucked by her male friend, i heard her moaning and telling the guy to fuck her harder and even fuck her arse while i was listening i was playing with my cock.

so when my mum came out of the bathroom my cock was still half erect she looked at me and smiled then i saw her eyes go down to my cock. she got in bed and layed over me and i felt her big soft tits on my chest as she gave me a nice long kiss on the lips. as she kissed me i felt her hand grip my cock she then stopped kissing me and said i had a very big cock and would make some girl very happy. she then layed down to go to sleep but was still holding my cock as she fell asleep. i woke up sometime later early in the morning and mum was laying on her side with her back to me and i was laying in behind her i then realized my cock was fully erect and pushing against my mums moist warm pussy. i started slowly moving my hips back and forth letting the head of my cock rub against her pussy it felt unreal. i pulled my hips back a bit further then when i went forward my cock went into her pussy , the feeling of her warm pussy around my cock nearly made me cum but managed to control it.

i then started slowly fucking her, after about 10 minuts mum made a little moan so i stopped thinking she might wake up and be angry with me but instead she looked at me and said don’t stop do it harder. after fucking her for a while i said i was going to cum so she said to put my cock up her arse and cum there. so i put my cock in her arse and it was real tight so in a few strokes i cum, when i stopped mum got off my cock and turned around so she could suck my cock to get it hard again. it didn’t take long to get hard again so i fucked her again. as i was fucking her she asked if i wanted to learn how to eat pussy so i said yes. we spent most of that day having sex so by the end i was an expert and that was the start of my sex life. mum and i would have sex three times a day, once in the morning before i went to school, then when i got home mum would sit under my desk and suck my cock while i did my homework and then at night when we went to bed. when i was 19 i was still fucking mum but also going out with girls my own age and meet belinda we ended getting a house together and got married but i still would visit mum a few times a week.

belinda loved to have alot of sex so i was happy even when she was pregnant we fucked everyday, but after giving birth to our daughter she went off sex so i went back to fucking mum. when our daughter ( candice ) was 1 year old belinda wanted to go back to work so i started doing shift work so she could work during the day. this turned out good as mum could come over while belinda was at work and we could spend a few hours having sex. as candice got older and went to school i would take her and got to meet alot of the other mums and alot of them were looking for a guy to have sex with while thier husbands were at work so i was happy to help them out. when candice was about 13 belinda left me but candice stayed with me as she was closer to me than her mum. by the time she was 16 she was a real hottie, she had a nice hot body, big tits like my mum and long blonde hair.

she liked to wear slutty clothes so i would find myself perving on her and having to run of to my bedroom to jerk off. then one day i woke up and thinking candice had gone to school i went and got a pair of her dirty knickers out of the laundry took them back to my room got undressed and sniffed them as i jerked off.while i was jerking off i looked up to see candice standing at the door watching me, i stopped and she walked up and knelt in front of me grabbed my cock and said i had the biggest cock she had ever seen she then lowered her head and put my cock in her mouth and started sucking……………. but i have to go now because mummy said it’s time for bed. mmmm i love bedtime.