5 Sex Positions You Need to Try if Your Partner Is Smaller Than You [With Video]

If you’re getting it on with a relatively small-size partner, or if you happen to be a curvier lady yourself, here are five sexy-ass ways to position yourself for optimal enjoyment. (If you’re in the opposite situation, however, peep these positions right here)


1. The T-Bonin:  Lie on your back with your legs spread, knees bent, and feet in the air. Your partner lies on his side by your butt, perpendicular to you. You get extra-deep penetration at this new angle, plus tons of room to supplement your own stimulation via hand or vibrator.


2.The Pedestal:Get a couple of pillows and lie on your side with the pillows under your hips. Bend          your knees and curl up; you will be arrayed there pretty fucking irresistibly. This also gives your                 partner unfettered access to gently rub your clit as they thrust comfortably from behind.


3. The Daily Special: Hop up on a kitchen counter and open wide, girl. Scootch to the very edge, propping up each foot on a sturdy chair back and holding on to your partner’s shoulders to avoid head injuries/embarrassing explanations to EMTs. This position works well for a wide range of couples, ’cause it positions you to be ready for whatever mouth, fingers, strap-on, or penis is headed your way. Feel free to make special requests.


4. ​ The Throbbing Bass: If you’ve got a particularly ample butt, give them better access to it. He gets into doggie, then you bend your arms so your head is lower than your bum. (Go ahead and rest your forehead on some pillows if your neck feels like it’s bending at a weird angle.) If you press a really strong vibe (that would be you, Magic Wand) on your clit, you’ll both feel those deep rumbly throbs reverbing through you.


5. The X-Rated: If a belly is preventing “access” where you need it most, try this workaround. He lies on top, sliding P into V, then he slides over about 45 degrees so you’re forming an X. Do the pivot slowly, hold him inside of you with your hand, and do one hell of a Kegel squeeze to ensure a smooth transition. Once situated (phew), you can push your legs together for a tighter squeeze or open wide and tilt your pelvis up for deeper penetration.